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"Bobbi Kerr Demo Session"

I am blessed to be able to work with so many talented people in my industry. And every so often, one comes across my palette with the traits of a true artist!

Let me introduce you to Bobbi Kerr, a very talented singer/songwriter that already displays all the attributes of any young and upcoming artist that I have heard in recent memory!

I had the pleasure of recording for her, a Demo album consisting of three songs, two of them cover tunes, and one original. All came across my audio desk with a unique, yet familiar tonality, that is indicitive of many stars I hear today.

All of her tracks were done, essentially, in one take. Almost unheard of anymore! Well rehearsed, in tune, and her groove was on point! A Producer’s dream come true! She made my job easy, and my finished produuct, made her sound great!

Being an audio engineer, is much like photography, I take no credit for the essence of the capture, the scenery is there before you, I just have to bring it into existence, and clarity…the beauty is already inherant! This is what I saw, and heard in Ms. Bobbi Kerr, headed to Nashville in the next couple of weeks, we wish her all the best in her Journey, not that she needs it, her Talent, I feel will shine through strong, and we will all know her name before long!


Shawn Helton