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Rates and Services

Photography Services

Head Shots, Wedding, Maternal/Family, Real Estate/Architectural, Commercial, Boudoir, Pet, Video Production, Slide Show Production, Graphic Design.

Prices vary, please request quote through the “Contact Us” link

“Shawn doesn’t just capture ‘the shot’, he captures the vision, the experience. His evocative images show a rare depth and artistry that inspired me to take my own photography to the next level. So who better to learn from? I’m fortunate to have Shawn as an instructor, sharing not only his technical expertise, but showing me a new way of seeing and new possibilities.” ~ Mary Barrett


“So excited to see the pictures of the wedding! We were so blessed to have you there and it was magical to see you floating around capturing all the enchantment. I have received so many compliments on your work and have passed along your info to several friends! I love how different the family tree looks, yet still our magical spot from previous family portraits! Your colors are remarkable!” ~ Mary Murphy Boss

Guitar/Bass/Music Lessons

$25.00 per ½ hour, billed in ½ hour increments-By appointment only

Mobile DJ/Sound System Services

Full P.A. System (For Large Venues) Consists of a 6 Speaker Cabinet array: Front and Rear, left and right, with 2 sub-woofers, Powered by 3,700 watts tri-amped in stereo, 12 channel mixing console, Computer generated DJ Mix software, with extensive music library, all Genres. Microphones and stands as required.

Prices vary, please request quote through the “Contact Us” link

Recording Studio/Audio Production/Digital Transfers from Analog/Voice Talent/Narrations

Recording Studio consists of 3 separate Studio Rooms:

  • 1 - large open room for full band/Multiple-Instruments
  • 1 - Isolation room for Vocals, percussion, open mic recordings
  • 1 - Control room consisting of 24 track mixing console with KRK reference monitors and multiple outboard processors, utilizing Adobe Audition Editing Software with Neve processing plug-ins, with Talk Back Systems wired throughout

$50.00 per Hour, 1 hour minimum, billed in ½ hour increments after minimum. Digital Files-N/C CD’s or other Physical Media available at an additional charge.

Voice Talent/Narrations $100.00 per hour, 1 hour minimum, billed in ½ hour increments after minimum.

Musician Services: (to have me perform on your Project) $50.00 per hour, 1 hour minimum (in addition to hourly Studio Rate)

Additional Studio Musicians: $50 each per hour, 1 hour minimum

Back Line: Supported upon request, may include additional charges, prices may vary

“Thank you again Shawn for everything! The time we spent with you recording was fun and you made it all appear to be easy!! I know recording demos is not always that easy and quick! We will definitely be back in the near future!” ~ Yvonne Kerr


“Shawn just wrapped up some Sound Resonance Recordings and Graphic Readouts for me with some difficult obstacles in buffering out of background noises. The final Graphic Charts were precise, professional, and what I was seeking. Shawn has the best Sound and Computer Equipment for the Services he provides, and I highly recommend him for this and his work as a DJ, Public Announcer, Public Speaker, as he has that high quality and pleasing to the ear voice.” ~ Randy Dube, Innovator; Owner, Tor-Eggs-Tor Design Solutions