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Allow me to capture the Images that tell your story, creating the memories that last a lifetime!

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This was taken atop Mingus Mountain in Northern Arizona, July 23rd, 2014. I used a wide angle lens with a :30 exposure. It is not as “Sharp” as I would have liked, but was amazed by the amount of stars that were visible in this shot, even with my camp fire blazing, which is the only reason why you can see the surrounding trees! Also a personal favorite!

Another shot taken at the Stonehenge War Memorial along the Columbia River Gorge. This was to be the first night of Astro Photography, weather willing, but as you can see, it was a cloudy, rainy day. Not to worry. I love this shot of a dormant, un manicured tree growing off of the side of the hill, the structure sits upon.

This was a very popular, yet magical place to photograph! Taken the first day of my arrival into Portland Int. Airport. Grabbed my bags and was whisked away to this destination!

Also taken along the Columbia River Gorge at the Stonehenge War Memorial. We had visited this site a couple of different times, most of which were overcast, and not condusive to Astro Photography. But this night, Mother Nature cooperated and allowed for a clear night!