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Allow me to capture the Images that tell your story, creating the memories that last a lifetime!

Recording Studio

Full service Digital Audio Production Studio, with over 30 years of experience in Engineering, to make your Project stand out and sparkle!

Mobile DJ

Superior Audio Quality Sound System, for your Special Event, Party, or Corporate Function. Professional appearance and conduct is key to our presentation!

Music Lessons

Guitar Instruction for the Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced Student. Learn the Art and Magic of expressing yourself through Music!

This is the accumulation of thousands of individual photographs played back as a slide show at approx 10x speed resulting in a Time Lapse effect!

Price: $15.00

Synopsis: Only Studio album Recorded by an otherwise “Live” performing group. Pre-cursor to Combined Minds. Bill Mann: Synthesizers, Vocals, Jumping Jacks. Sam Benny: Kit Drums, Vocals. Bruce Loden: Bass Synthesizer, Vocals. Shawn Helton: Guitars, Vocals, Electronics. Steve Botterweg: Synthesizers, Vocals, Electronics. Recorded at Multi Purpose Studios, circa 1982.

Track Listing: 1 Technopolis 2 She’s Just Your’e Type 3 Get You Off My Mind 4 The Tube 5 Pedestrian 6 Killer Instinct 7 Terrorist 8 Social Observations 9 Moving Tribes

Price: $15.00

Synopsis: 2nd Album in the series, also originally released as cassette only. Now available CD. New Band line-up: Shawn Helton: All Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals. Steve Botterweg: Percussion, Keyboards, Vocals. “Taco” Joe Tellez: Congas, Vocals. Bill Mann: Vocals on “Pedestrian”

Track Listing: 1 Another Phase In The Maze 2 Where Did She Go? 3 Poseidon 4 Square Hole-Round Peg 5 She Is So Demented 6 Move 7 Rendezvous 8 Picture On The Wall 9 Pedestrian

Price: $15.00

Synopsis:   The first E.P. recorded at Synchestra StudiosPhoenix Az. 1979 Bruce Loden: Bass and Vocals. Steve Botterweg: Kit drums and Vocals. Shawn Helton: Guitars and Vocals. Wayne Frost: Guitars.

Features bonus Tracks from “Zeon Projekt” with Shawn Helton, Steve Botterweg, and Emil Miller.

3 Full length CD’s of Multi-Purpose “LIVE” @ The Estrella Mtn. Park 1978, White Tank Mtn. Park 1979, and The Celebrity Theater 1980, also available upon request.

Price: $15.00

Synopsis: 1st of 2 Albums recorded in the early 80’s, originally released on cassette only. Now available on CD. This album won best local album by Sound Board Magazine in 1983, Phx, AZ. Shawn Helton: Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals. Bruce Loden: Bass, Vocals. Steve Botterweg: Keyboards, Vocals.

Track Listing 1 Combined Minds 2 Feel The Beat 3 More Knobs Than Notes 4 Shop Town 5 Time To Relate 6 Nocturnal Nocturne 7 Comfortable 8 If I Don’t Move, I Can’t Dance! 9 Sold American