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Allow me to capture the Images that tell your story, creating the memories that last a lifetime!

Recording Studio

Full service Digital Audio Production Studio, with over 30 years of experience in Engineering, to make your Project stand out and sparkle!

Mobile DJ

Superior Audio Quality Sound System, for your Special Event, Party, or Corporate Function. Professional appearance and conduct is key to our presentation!

Music Lessons

Guitar Instruction for the Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced Student. Learn the Art and Magic of expressing yourself through Music!

Photo taken at the Pioneer Living History Museum, Phoenix, Arizona. Copyright 2015 Shawn Helton Photography

Recorded by the Zeon Projekt, in 1979 at Synchestra Studios, Phoenix, Arizona. Copyright 1979 Multi Purpose Muzik

A stop motion animated film by Shawn Helton, music, “Dragon’s Breathe”, performed by “Multi Purpose” from the album “This Night Wounds Time” Copyright 2003

Photo taken off of my back porch during the monsoon season last year in Anthem, Arizona. Copyright 2014, Shawn Helton Photography

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Synopsis: Last studio album by the original founding members of Multi Purpose -1st cut “Serpent” written back in 1978, last cut “Brave World” written in 2003 and rest written throughout the years!