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Multi Purpose and "Zeon Projekt"


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Multi Purpose Muzik



Synopsis:   The first E.P. recorded at Synchestra StudiosPhoenix Az. 1979 Bruce Loden: Bass and Vocals. Steve Botterweg: Kit drums and Vocals. Shawn Helton: Guitars and Vocals. Wayne Frost: Guitars.

Features bonus Tracks from “Zeon Projekt” with Shawn Helton, Steve Botterweg, and Emil Miller.

3 Full length CD’s of Multi-Purpose “LIVE” @ The Estrella Mtn. Park 1978, White Tank Mtn. Park 1979, and The Celebrity Theater 1980, also available upon request.

Track Listing    1 Clarks Boogie    2 Fatality   3 D.N.A. (Dawning of the New Age)   4 Mein Kampf (recorded Live at Celebrity) 5 Before the Rapture-Zeon Projekt  6 The Contestant-Zeon Projekt


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Zeon Tracks

DNA (Dawning Of The New Age) Sample

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Multi Purpose DNA