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"DJ Mixx Software Screenshot"

When I first started my career in radio broadcasting, we only had 2 turntables, reel-to-reel tape machines, cartridge and cassette players, and a microphone in the broadcast booth! There was no digital anything, the only computers in the building were for the billing department! No CD’s either, and the term “MP3” didn’t even exist yet! You were required to pull your show from a vast collection of vinyl albums and 45’s that took up an immense amount of room and ability to find any given song you were searching for! It was fun, difficult and stressful, all at the same time! And if you didn’t do something, sometimes anything, you had “Dead-Air”, an absolute no-no in the world of being a live radio DJ! You had to be creative, entertaining, think fast on your seat, and meet sponsors requirements all according to a time log! Skill was required!

Today’s DJ (Disc Jockey…) is Digital and mobile, unlike anything we have wittnessed in the last decade! It is completely impractical to carry 1,000’s of albums, turntables, and all the gear needed to play music for a remote location. All of this has been streamed down and made more cost effective since the birth of the digital millenia.

Music selections can now be loaded onto a thumb drive, and accessed quickly and easily from a laptop computer. The amount of material that can be transported on a drive is staggering, and fits in your pocket!

Most of you listen to some version of digital music either via iphone, iPad, CD, etc. on your home stereo or ear buds, as an mp3 file. These are compressed audio files that take up little space in your system’s memory, and are fine for consumer playback and enjoyment. But when played back on a large format Pro-Audio sound system, they lack the full range fidelity one would expect from a sound system. They lack extended high end and low end fidelity, due to their compressed nature. All files in my musical library, are processed personally, and recorded using the WAV format at the highest bit-rate sample resulting in superior audio quality when played through a Pro-Audio large format system. These files are extremely large in comparison to an mp3 file, even so, I am able to play over 18 hours of non-stop music, without ever repeating a single song! And all at the best audio quality that the industry can achieve! My system is capable of producing a full-range fidelity, at a volume that “pushes” air, without causeing ear or nose bleeds!

If you have never experienced the beauty of a Pro-Audio system before, your ears are in for a treat, when you hire Synergy SoundwerX’s Mobile DJ Service!