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"Editing Software Screen View"

Today’s technology allows for precise editing capabilities, that were just not possible during the analog recording era. I was taught in my intern years, how to literally “Cut-Tape” on a linear piece of Magnetic Media off of a 2” reel to reel, in order to move a selection of your recording, and splice it to another section of the recording. It was a skill and an art to be able to do this flawlessly, but was very time consuming, and not as cost effective as today’s modern techniques.

Pictured here, is a screen shot of a multi-track recording session in process. As you can see, the individual wave forms are visible, allowing for easy location of any needed editing. Each track is clearly numbered and labeled as to what is contained within it. (Scratch Track, Guitars, Vocals, etc) The different colors represent individual, or multiple tracks grouped together, that can now be moved as necessary, without losing their space in time in relation to each other. And the trasport controls visible on the left side, work much like they do on an analog tape deck.

One of the key advantages, and there are many, to digital editing vs. analog editing, is the ability to take a “Live” drummers track, and establish his bpm, (beats per minute) and have the capability to slide any variances in his metered playing, either up to, or back to, the on-beat. Simply put, if he speeds up or slows down out of meter, I can bring any segment into perfect time, resulting in a perfect metered live drummer! The same goes for any other tracks, the bass player, guitars, vocals, etc, making all these elements come into perfect timing flawlessly with no resulting clicks, pops, or gliches audible in the finished product!

These are just some of the benefits you will enjoy, when you record your project with Synergy SoundwerX!