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Photography Services

A time Lapse Photography Video representing hundreds of pics taken over the past year, and played back-to-back at 10x speed resulting in this beautiful effect! Enjoy! Copyright 2015, Shawn Helton Photography

Photo taken in the desert overlooking the Lake Pleasant Region near Phoenix, Arizona. This is how the Phoenix Suns basketball team chose their colors! Copyright 2014, Shawn Helton Photography

Photo taken in early spring, atop Mt. Hood in Oregon. This is a one hour exposure shot around midnight! Copyright 2015, Shawn Helton Photography

A stop motion animated film by Shawn Helton, music, “Dragon’s Breathe”, performed by “Multi Purpose” from the album “This Night Wounds Time” Copyright 2003

Photo taken off of my back porch during the monsoon season last year in Anthem, Arizona. Copyright 2014, Shawn Helton Photography