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With 40 years of music experience, we offer music instruction for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. Lessons available for electric, or acoustic, Guitar and Bass, as well as basic music theory related on the piano.

When I first started my career in radio broadcasting, we only had 2 turntables, reel-to-reel tape machines, cartridge and cassette players, and a microphone in the broadcast booth! There was no digital anything, the only computers in the building were for the billing department!

Today’s technology allows for precise editing capabilities, that were just not possible during the analog recording era. I was taught in my intern years, how to literally “Cut-Tape” on a linear piece of Magnetic Media off of a 2” reel to reel, in order to move a selection of your recording, and splice it to another section of the recording.

This is the accumulation of thousands of individual photographs played back as a slide show at approx 10x speed resulting in a Time Lapse effect!

Photo taken at the Pioneer Living History Museum, Phoenix, Arizona. Copyright 2015 Shawn Helton Photography

Recorded by the Zeon Projekt, in 1979 at Synchestra Studios, Phoenix, Arizona. Copyright 1979 Multi Purpose Muzik

A stop motion animated film by Shawn Helton, music, “Dragon’s Breathe”, performed by “Multi Purpose” from the album “This Night Wounds Time” Copyright 2003

Photo taken off of my back porch during the monsoon season last year in Anthem, Arizona. Copyright 2014, Shawn Helton Photography